Monday, March 5, 2018

Reality Check!

So, last post ...I said this was a lighter quarter...I'm not sure if I was wrong or every season just has its own hardships and challenges...

This past month everyone in our household has had some form of a tummy bug...and Nate may have had it twice...
Also, with our calendar that fills up, its hard to catch our breath! From staff meetings to conferences, now birthdays are coming around the corner, all good things! JUST. SO. BUSY. Am I being a good mom too? Are we failing at homeschooling while trying to juggle lots of different things? Are we going to master this season just in time for a change?

It just makes me look to the sky, where my help comes from, the Lord of heaven and earth! His grace is sufficient for me! And I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in Him will I place my trust!
When struggles come and hurdles seem to just get higher and higher, we must remember to look up!

If His plan for me is good and His word is a lamp unto my feet, I should not plan or look too too far down the path(or calendar!) to check on the future! For He holds it in His hands!

I must remind myself how faithful God has been to me, how around every corner and every mountain...He shows Himself to be who He said He would be. and in the words of that song...Its gonna be worth it! Because Jesus is worth it. every. single. day. And when we struggle with our kids, with our task at hand, with our marriage, with our finances, our future, being in God's "perfect" will, all these things add up to! He only asks us to trust, obey and rest. Why worry about tomorrow... He's got this!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Being Sustained...

What Lies Ahead for 2018...
Graciously, we have a lighter load this quarter. We are leading the Mission Focus for DTS and we only meet with the students on Friday mornings. But we will be available to them easily throughout the week since we live on base with them here. We have plans to share with them about our lives in missions, have guest missionaries share also, and to introduce them to some new culture and ethnic foods! ...We will be a safe place for them to process what God is doing in their lives, the topics in their classes, and hope to help them prepare for their outreaches come April.

We have felt the Lord say its a year of establishment and also sustaining.

So 2 things...of discovery...

What can we do to be established as a family?

What can we establish in our lives that will sustain us in missions?

There are other things on our weekly calendar besides the Mission Focus. We have plans to seek out ministry opportunities in the city with refugees and whoever God puts in our path, of course.
We have some connections to the refugees here in the city that we will be working with, as well.

God as a sustainer
...Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. Psalm 54:4
The eternal God is your refuge,
And underneath are the everlasting arms...Deut 33:2
My life verse has continually gone back to ..
Matthew 6:33...Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. 
So this verse...the way I see it, gives a command and a promise! When I live for Him to please Him and put His plans first above all, He promises to sustain me!

We have seen this time and time again in our lives in missions/ministry as we have sought Him in making decisions.
Its times that we jumped ahead of Him, acted out of insecurity and frustration in our marriage that we made stupid financial decisions and regretted it, taking us years to pay off our mistake! It takes patience and a listening, humble heart to follow God. Because He doesn't microwave the answers we need! Sometimes, it takes TIME! takes us...waiting!

..... .....

Walking out the waiting, being diligent with the task at hand, patience producing can be a challenge to keep JOY in your attitude. Especially in small living spaces! 
We currently live in a 2 hotel room spot on base here. We are praying and waiting for a larger space to open for us to become more established with our family, providing the kids with more stability. But also trying not to count my chicks before they hatch, so to speak! 😜
This is a process for us to keep trusting the Lord for direction and provision in all areas as we walk by faith.

Stay tuned...

Guess who is 16 months old now? Banner Isaac is growing into a charmer with these big brown eyes and contagious smile! We love and adore this boy of ours!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Plans Change...its life, Roll with it!

Flexibility - its a good thing!
Sometimes we make our plans and God directs our path a different way then we expected to go! The good thing is - to keep GOing! Time is precious.
All to say, we are coming home! Australia will have to wait for us ...maybe one day we will make it there! Only God knows~ This season of training and outreach overseas is coming to an end and whats around the bend? We'll be praying into that and enjoying our family this summer at the same time. We need a break, especially the kids - to relax, to breath, and to hear from God on whats next. We could throw you an idea of sorts but there are several ideas in our hearts at this point.

This summer we will focus on finishing the year of homeschool with the kids, and having fun with them at the same time! The past 2 months have been quite strenuous on us all. We hope to vacation some and soak up the sun with friends and family as well.

May God steady our hearts and minds to hear from Him and rest that He is in control. A few things we do know, God is God! He is faithful and true.. gentle and kind. He leads with grace and helps us finish strong. Mere determination may only take us half way through when His strength meets us and whisks us away through to the end! Thankful for His unwavering love that has picked up our brokenness and allowed us to see others the way He has shown that He sees us. The best way to relate to those around us is to realize we all have brokenness somehow and all need the Savior to heal and mend the wounds of this imperfect and pretty bumpy road. The ride and adventure can be enjoyed looking through lenses that see blessing in the little things in between sleepless nights, runny noses, and sore backs. So we look for the little bits of grace along the way that puts a smile on our faces and just thank God we can keep going.

We missed home many times on this journey, missed the familiar smells and warm faces and hugs of family. It really is a sacrifice to do what we are doing. But we know the outcome will outweigh it in the end.

We are so grateful for those along the sidelines cheering us on! We couldn't do this if it were not for our family and friends to support us in the mission.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Visions and Direction

I still cant believe that we are feels very surreal when I look out at this vast ocean. Who ever thinks they can bring their family of 6 to Hawaii and train for missions? People all around marvel at me, but really it is a challenge at times. Having to tote around a baby, feed him, care for him all along the way, homeschool the kids in the afternoons and keep up with what is going on in our classes. Believe me, its been so worth it. The adventure of a lifetime.
This past month has been hard, but beautiful. God has graced us with a wonderful couple who ministered to us for several weeks, taking us out to dinner, to swim at their condo and there we got to watch hula dancing girls and eat some wonderful native food, like their pulled pork that was roasted in a pit, fresh pineapple and a variety of other things...
Many great things going on around us and in us! God is planting seeds of vision that we hope to see come to pass! As we thrive in today, we trust Him for tomorrow! We will make our plans but He directs our steps! (Proverbs 3:6)

Here is a little vision that Israel had while we had been praying about the nations and our place in God's big picture...

"So the other day I was praying for clearer direction and I saw a picture of houses in a village...So I quickly drew it on a piece of paper. Then a few days later a speaker came to our Thursday night meeting and talked about new opportunities in Papua New Guinea. So that night, I typed in "Papua New Guinea House" into the Google search bar and this is the first house that came up! I was like wow! Because we are planning on moving to a base in Brisbane Australia, and it's really close to Papua New Guinea! Anyway here are the two pictures side by side." -Israel

Why Australia, then PNG?
So the opportunity came to us by Israel's friendship with the leaders at the base in Brisbane. Israel went through a DTS with YWAM at age 20 before we met! He has held communication with his friends there ever since. They do not yet accommodate families but we believe God is challenging us to go and He will provide the things we will need.
Israel would most likely take a secondary course of leadership. A Basic Leadership School will give Israel the tools to lead DTS schools and outreaches. This school is not offered at all YWAM bases, but it is offered at the base in Brisbane.
Click the link above to learn more about the BLS and the base in Brisbane!

We are praying specifically for the nation of Papua New Guinea as a school here in Hawaii..
Visit this link to read about how YWAM is going to establish an education and training base, bringing in the University of the Nations! WHAT at opportunity for the people of PNG!!

We are very excited to see how God will use us in this awesome vision and work in these nations!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Great Beginning to a New Chapter..

The first 6 weeks of training here has been draining and overwhelming at times! But God has done amazing things in us and our family. Some things hurt, like discipline! Just the simple things like getting up early, kids pushing their boundaries in new things, and even at home with common things like reading and homework and obedience. In which, gives us insight to what needs better communication from us as parents as to what is expected and required of them... This takes time, energy and our very own discipline habits examined more closely... it was a rough week and we have had several rough weeks...but things always make a turn for the better and so we are thankful for mercy and grace. My hope is to be better...tomorrow I want to be a better parent, a better friend and a better student and disciple. If there's one thing we know for sure, it is that..we can improve! That's why someone goes to school at all right? And missions training.. well, all levels of life need improving for us to thrive in missions! DISCIPLINE - its just my word right now, I guess. Order and boundaries bring security and freedom and to embrace those things you must be disciplined!
However, at first the kids are not too thrilled with their new structure and order and way of life, but when they see it working in action, ultimately it brings them more happiness and contentment. Work isn't fun in the process but when you start to see results - you just hit the target! And that's a satisfying feeling for sure. Makes it all worth it!
We know all of this crazy effort of schooling is going to be totally worth it. Some days I want to crawl back into bed and give in to the flesh, but when I feel that way and press on and show up for worship or class, I am so glad that I did it and its those days that God really does show up too.
I am so glad we did this! I know our kids are having an adventure of a lifetime as well...we have made friends that may just be apart of our lives til the end of days. God has had a good plan for us coming here. All in all, I would not trade it for anything in the world.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017...A New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2017 has a bright future ahead with new horizons! What is behind we let go of, what is now we can cherish and what is to come we anticipate to be a grand adventure!

Check out our latest newsletter on the link above!

Blessings on you and your new year! We hope and pray it is filled with all the joy and peace of Christ and when hardships come remember that they come to bring growth and birth new vision into our lives. May the rains remind us to be thankful for the sunshine...and when we cant see through the storm to lean hard into Jesus and give Him the burden. Releasing our frustrations in worship to Him, letting go of things we cant control and loving others in spite of their flaws is what Christ calls us to do. To..bear with one another...Colossians 3:13

Spring will be here before we know it, when we see the green coming back we will remember the cold only lasts so long. When we go through dry and weary seasons in our lives, remember God will bring you through another winter.

This new day brings on an adventure if we look for it to. We will focus our eyes and seek the King, His plan and His coming. Glory to Him alone.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Journey Begins...

PACKING, sorting and packing some more!!! We have less than 2 weeks before boarding an airplane to YWAM in Kona, Hawaii! Our hearts are bubbling with excitement and we can hardly contain it! Yet, we are leaving behind so many valuables and favorites from movies and toys to Mimi's handmade quilts and our treasured photo albums. Most of all, its hard to leave behind our families. We love you all so dearly, yet we know God is caring for each of you in a way only He can.

The next steps are crucial as we will meet up with our destiny and purpose in missions over the next few months.
With caring for a baby and 3 children, my line of duty is sure upon child-training and guiding my little ones no matter where we are. Of course, my heart will always be with my husband in ministry, yet my first ministry is to my children.

In the next 3 months, the training phase, I will have Banner as my primary focus. I don't want to miss a single thing as his Mama. We have such a tight bond.The 3 older children will have their classes to attend. And that is very different for me, as I have taught my kids at home since they were babies. This will be their first time in a "school - classroom setting" and I know it will be an adjustment for us all. It will be uncharted waters to be separated from them. But as they are older now, I know and trust they will do good. I think I will just miss being with them. I don't know the schedule we'll have yet but I am sure we are all going to enjoy this new adventure!