Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Bailey - party of 6 - needed a house!

 Some back story - 

2019- We were in a dinky little town we called our "home base" - for when we were not in Greece or Mexico on mission. It was Loraine, out Texas. It was more like the middle of nowhere, Texas. Our house was a blessing for that season and so was that little community. But after a hard trip in Greece (a 3 month mission trip) which put me in the hospital in our last week there, then 3 months later Covid hit and shut down travel overseas, we were stumped for the purpose we would stay in Loraine except that I was able to recover and rest.

Between June and November 2020 We had been able to go into Mexico twice on mission. But we had a stirring in our hearts that a move was necessary to continue in our life of missions. Little Loraine was not going to help us on the journey any longer!

We searched, we prayed, we scoured the web, we prayed some more, we spoke to our kids, they were ready to leave Loraine as well. 

As we searched, we prayed for a YWAM base that would be suitable for us, and YWAM Ships Corpus Christi popped up in our search on the web!

(Several things about Corpus fulfill a longing in each of us. That only God would have known.)

We prayed some more and asked our kids if they were ok with the kind of sacrifice we knew this would force upon us. They had a peace and agreed that it was what we needed and they were willing to take on the sacrifice! The sacrifice was WORK - and giving up separate bedrooms, as the kids would share a bunkroom. We all had to give up a lot along the way.

By spring 2021 we put our house on the market, moved into a travel trailer, sold our home, and moved to Corpus in June 2021. We had no expectation that we would be able to buy a home in Corpus so that was not on our radar for some time. 

2022 - But after a year of living in(or should I say OUT of) the RV we were becoming restless and less settled. We had a busy summer, full of missions, summer camp, travel and it seemed we were always cramped in small quarters only to come home to the RV. 

We asked God in August if He would provide us with a home to serve Him from. We indeed needed some space to stretch out in and get out of our cramped living style, which over time became survival mode.

God answered and we were able to pursue the right house for us. We narrowed down the area we wanted to be in and although at times we thought it would be impossible to find something in our price range(still high for us!!) that the bank would approve, God put us exactly where He knew we could be His hands and feet. This home meets so many of our family's needs, and we are finally able to relax and have another home base we can thrive in! Community was a key factor and necessity for our family's well being and emotional health. Long gone are the days of isolated living! We are all so, so thankful God proved again His faithfulness over our lives. We are truly walking by faith and not by sight. Because the believing was not in the seeing! For we did not see how this would be possible. But with a vision, we were able to move forward in faith!

 We are still trusting that God will make our path sure financially. But He tends to provide for us like the Israelites in the dessert. We depend on Him for daily bread! Serving God full time seems really off in the world's eyes. But in the end, you and I need only please an audience of One. 

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7

For 15 months we served God with YWAM in Corpus, living in that RV. It was a fun and somewhat chaotic time! But God provided every step of the way. As He still does in a house!

We all have a way we are being stretched in our faith! And every new season we come to presents an opportunity to trust God and grow! 

Are you in a season of stretching? Let me know in the comments below how to pray for you!

Blessings and grace, Leslie

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

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