Friday, November 4, 2022

The Sailboat Comes Home


The Sailboat coming home happened so fast!
It was nestled in a junk yard, and out in west Texas, not expected to have a life including water again!
Thankfully, God has other plans for this vessel!

((Side note: The beginning of this video clip shows some time spent with the latest DTS at the Wooden Boat show in Port Aransas.))

When we first saw this boat, it was in a photo floating around Facebook. The post was telling people that this land needed to be cleared or the owners would be fined. So, after seeing this photo of a boat almost hidden like a diamond not yet mined from its natural setting, Israel inquired about it!
He was put in touch with the owner and to our delight, found out that he had a heart for missions and what we were doing in Corpus Christi for God!
  The Lord was at work! He did not end up asking for a dollar! 
We just would need to put new tires on the trailer!
Israel and Nate took a road trip and went to see the boat in Roscoe, Texas.
Israel's dad was able to help him get those tires taken care of. What a relief! New tires, old boat, but FREE! But the crazy part, the title was not in the guy's name! It was in the original owner's name still after 10 years of sitting! So, that was a problem!
No worries, the old owner was still just down the road and living at the same address!
Israel and the last owner when to see the old owner to get the title and paperwork completed!
Easy peasy! How bizarre was that?!
What a God-story!
Because what are the odds that the old guy was still alive and at the same address that many years after selling the sailboat!? Without those signatures, this would have probably been a fiasco!
But God works in signs and wonders when His children have a passion for Kingdom purposes!

We have pretty great visions for how we see this vessel being used!
As a training vessel: to train Christians in navigation and seamanship, in order to reach remote islands  that are not easily accessed by plane. 

YWAM Ships Corpus Christi will take the gospel of Christ to the least, the lost, the lonely and left behind and train our DTS students and SONS students to do the same!
Matthew 25:40

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